Chapter History

Keramos Illinois is a Professional Co-Ed Materials Science & Engineering Fraternity that was originally founded here at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign on February 15, 1915. It was originally founded as the ceramic professional fraternity and has sinceĀ evolved to include all of materials science.

Our mission as a fraternity is to promote the scholarship of materials science and engineering, stimulate mental development, and promote further interest in applied materials science. Our Fraternity currently accomplishes many different events that help promote the applications of materials science including:

  1. Play with Clay
  2. Interaction with our Materials Science and Engineering Department and any affiliates that support the promotion of materials science
  3. Professional Talks with companies focused on materials science
  4. Attendance at the Materials Science & Technology Conference (MS&T), where we compete in the Mug Drop and Disk Golf Competitions
  5. Promotion of Materials Science & Engineering through outreach eventsĀ such as Engineering Open House (EOH)