National History

Keramos is arguably one of the oldest, if not the oldest, professional engineering fraternity in continuous existence in the United States. Tracing its roots to 1902 at the Ohio State University, Keramos grew throughout the next seven decades to encompass chapters at nearly all universities possessing formal instructional programs in materials science and engineering.

The mission of Keramos is to promote and emphasize scholarship and character in the thoughts of materials students, stimulate mental development, and promote interest in the professional aspects of materials engineering, technology, and science. To that end, Keramos has been from its inception a professional fraternity, with membership open to all materials science students possessing good scholarship, an interest in the ceramic arts, sciences and technology, and of strong personal character.

The fraternity exists today to promote interest in the materials disciplines, promote good scholarship and professional development, and encourage and recognize service to the materials community by its members.

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