Conditions for membership are the following:

  • Members must be majoring in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Members must have sophomore standing (30 credit hours)
  • Members must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0

After receiving an invitation to join, members must attend a certain number of events before receiving full benefits:

  1. 4 points from Play with Clay sessions
    • You will earn 1 point for every hour of Play with Clay you attend
    • Bonus points can be earned by helping out with special projects
  2. 4 points from other events
    • Most events are 1 point (General Meetings, Professional Events, Social Events etc.)
    • Multiple hour events will be worth 1 point per hour (Study Hours, EOH, Service/Volunteer Events)

**If the regularly scheduled Play with Clay times don’t work for you, please contact us so we can arrange an alternative set of requirements or provide additional times.**

Upon initiation, we collect dues of $50. If this is not within your financial capabilities, please discuss with the board other methods of contribution.